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Some family caregivers hear that they might enjoy attending support group meetings and they fear that’s just another thing that they’ll have to add to their to do list. The truth is that you can gain a lot from attending support group meetings as a family caregiver.

You Can Share Your Feelings without Feeling Judged

Caregivers often feel that if they were to share how they feel with the people in their lives, they would be judged harshly for some of their emotions. In order to work through those emotions, though, you need to be able to feel them and express them so that you can move past them. In a support group, other people there have felt the same way that you have at one time or another. They’re not there to judge you. They’re there to give and to receive support on their own caregiving journey.

It’s a Social Outlet

Quite often you’ll find that as you interact with people in the support group, you’ll strike up friendships. This is vitally important, because one of the ways that you can combat caregiver stress is to make time for social interaction. While a busy family caregiver might not hire a senior care provider to cover for her while she has lunch with a friend, she is far more likely to take that time to go to a support group meeting. There she can meet with friends and get so much more, too.

You Can Learn Quite a Bit about Caregiving

Another aspect of support groups that is important is that they’re very often educational. Some support groups even structure their meetings so that there is time for sharing and time for a speaker or other educational presentation. These presentations could be about general caregiving, specific situations, or even specific health conditions. All of this depends on the support group you’re attending, so be sure to research the structure if you’re looking for educational meetings.

The People You Meet Understand Your Situation

Beyond the social interaction, the educational aspect, and the ability to share your feelings in a safe environment, it’s important to understand that the people you encounter at support groups really get where you’re coming from. Unlike other situations you may encounter where people may try to understand what it’s like to be a family caregiver, these folks are right there in the trenches with you.

If you haven’t found a support group yet, try asking your loved one’s doctor for ideas about where you can find one that might fit your needs.

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