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Featured Caregiver providing Senior Care in Washington DC

Katy T.

Have you ever gotten a mute person to talk? Well, Philia’s caregiver, Katy, has. She worked with a woman who was considered mute for no medically known reason. When she started working with a woman at an assisted living facility, everyone told Katy to not bother talking with the woman, because she can’t or won’t talk back.

But Katy understood that not talking wasn’t the same as not hearing or understanding. So, day in and day out, Katy would talk with her client. And one day, her client answered back.  Katy was so excited, she started to cry.

But that is how Katy is. She has a deep understanding of the human condition and her empathy and understanding of her clients enables her to develop deep connections with them.

Katy has been working with Philia for over two years.