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Elder Care in Silver Spring MD

Bird feeding is a favored pastime stretching back to ancient times. A peaceful, easy hobby that almost anyone can enjoy, it’s the perfect type of outdoor activity for elders and their caregivers. Celebrate this February during National Bird Feeding Month with these fun and simple Elder-Care-in-Silver-Spring-MDactivities!


Homemade Bird Feeders

Pinecone Feeder

One of the easiest and most memorable of these is the pinecone feeder. This is made by tying a string around a pinecone, coating it in peanut butter or vegetable shortening, rolling it in bird seed, then hanging it from a tree outside. That’s all there is to it!

Cookie Cutter Feeder

Another simple homemade feeder is the Cookie Cutter Feeder. All you need for this one is two packets of plain gelatin, water, 2 cups birdseed, wax paper, straws, and, of course, cookie cutters! The gelatin should be mixed with the water and stirred in a pot over heat until simmering and fully dissolved. (Depending on the mobility of your senior this part might best be done by a family caregiver.) Next the gelatin can be poured over the birdseed in a mixing bowl and mixed together completely.

After mixing, place the wax paper over a cookie sheet, then spread out the gelatin and seed mixture and press it down tightly, making sure it’s as smoothed out as possible. Next, press in your cookie cutters, but don’t take them out just yet. Press in the straws where you want to punch out the hole for a ribbon or sting hanger, but also leave them pressed in. Let the whole thing dry overnight before removing the cutters and straws. Finally your feeders are ready to hang up!

Hummingbird Feeding Tips

As time goes on, we’ve discovered newer, better ways to feed our wild feathered friends. One of these new techniques is for fans of hummingbirds. For those who don’t know, hummingbirds prefer sugary nectar over seeds. Traditional hummingbird feeders were usually filled with some sweetened water that was occasionally dyed red. However, the bird experts at the Audubon Society have come up with some new tips for the ideal hummingbird feeding experience.

  • Hummingbird nectar should be made with ¼ cup refined white sugar, 1 cup boiling water, and absolutely ZERO dyes.
  • Refined white sugar is key. Organic or raw sugars contain too much iron and honey encourages growth of dangerous fungi.
  • Contrary to old beliefs, red dye does nothing to attract the birds and can actually be a chemical hazard.


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Pinecone Bird Feeder