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Elder Care in Silver Spring MD

There are some things that come to mind immediately when many people think of the holidays. One is the smell of gingerbread and crafting Elder-Care-in-Silver-Spring-MDcreative, festive gingerbread houses. December 12 is Gingerbread House Day. As a family caregiver, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to spend quality time with your aging parent, getting creative, making memories, and creating gingerbread houses that you will be proud to display throughout the holiday season. This is not only a chance to bond with your senior, but it also allows you to pursue care goals including stimulating their mind and strengthening their memory skills.


Use these tips to help you get creative for Gingerbread House Day:

  • Try a kit. Baking all of the pieces for your gingerbread house might be tradition and can be a fun adventure, but it can also be time-consuming, frustrating, and overwhelming, particularly for a senior who is coping with challenges and limitations. Simplify the process and get to the fun of decorating faster with a gingerbread house kit. These cover a range from simple structures that you embellish with your own supplies, to complete versions that have everything that you need to finish your project.
  • Have a healthy snack on hand. Being around all of that icing and candy can be tempting, but you do not want your parent, or your children, constantly dipping into your construction supplies. A few bites here and there is fine, but overloading on sugar is bad for their teeth, their weight, and their energy levels, and can complicate a variety of health problems. Curb their temptation by having healthy snacks available and encouraging them to take breaks to munch while decorating.
  • Be flexible. You might want to be able to recreate that perfect gingerbread house on the front of the home magazine, but it is probably not going to happen. Being too focused on having a perfect result can take away from the fun and joy of this event with your aging parent, so make an effort to be flexible. Relax and have fun with the experience. However the house turns out it will be a personalized, special expression of your loved ones, and that is what really matters.


Starting elderly care for your aging parent can be a fantastic way to enhance their holiday season and their quality of life moving forward into the new year. An elderly home care services provider can step in to fill any care gaps that might arise when your schedule gets busy or you have limitations that keep you from being able to handle your parent’s needs in the way that they need and deserve. They can also help your parent to handle their holiday preparations and engage in holiday celebrations as much as is right for them while also ensuring that they stay safe, healthy, and comfortable. As a family caregiver this can give you peace of mind knowing that you can get done what you need to get done and enjoy your holiday season without worrying that your parent is not getting what they need or is disconnected from the celebrations. When it comes to festive and creative holiday celebrations, such as making a gingerbread house, this care provider can not only act as companionship to do these activities with as a means of entertainment and mental stimulation, but can also provide assistance and support to help them engage in the activity safely and successfully.


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