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Caregiver in Potomac MD

There are so many different personal alarm systems out there that you might find yourself overwhelmed when you first start to look at them. Caregiver-in-Potomac-MDAs your loved one’s family caregiver, having an alarm that she can wear can give you an incredible amount of peace of mind. Here are some tips for what to look for in a personal alarm for your elderly loved one.

A Simple Setup

If the personal alarm system that you’re considering is complicated, your elderly loved one is not going to want to use it. In fact, she may even avoid using it completely, which defeats the purpose of finding one at all. There should be very few buttons and settings so that you and your elderly loved one can each make changes as necessary.

A Battery Backup

A personal alarm system that runs on electricity only is useful only if the power is on. Should a power outage hit, then suddenly your elderly loved one’s entire personal alarm system is not functional at all. That’s why you need to look for a battery backup built into the system. Not only should there be a battery backup, but the life on the battery should last for a long time without needing replacing or charging.

The System Should Be Comfortable

The next feature to watch for is that the system should be lightweight and comfortable. If the personal alarm system is difficult for your loved one to wear, she’s going to look for excuses not to wear it. You may find that she starts taking off the pendant or the wristband and leaving them in random locations. The easier they are to wear, the less likely they’ll be to irritate her.

Waterproof Is Versatile

Once you get past comfort, the next problem is that the devices used in the personal alarm system need to be waterproof. If they’re not, this gives your loved one an excuse and an opportunity to remove the pendant or the wristband and to forget to put them on again. And if she’s not wearing them, they’re definitely not going to help.

Cameras and Other Extras

Some systems have extras beyond a wearable alarm system for your loved one. Some have cameras that you can use to check on your elderly loved one even when you can’t be there. Others may include fall detection sensors. These use motion detectors to determine if your loved one has fallen and can’t press her alarm on her own.

Once you find a system that you and your loved one both like, give it a test run to ensure it’s the right fit.


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