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Were you rebellious as a teenager? Constantly keeping your poor mom and dad up at all hours of the night, concerned over who you were with and what you were doing? Did some of this behavior carry on well into your adult years? Now that your parent has gotten older and is now the one in need of care, you may have strong feelings of guilt over how you treated them throughout the years. One way you may be trying to make up for it is through caregiving.

If your elderly loved one has gone through a serious health problem and survived, these moments may open your eyes to just how much you wished you had been a better son or daughter. To help you get in the good graces of your parent and other family members, here are some tips to changing the way you are perceived.

  • Be timely. If you are known for frequently being late to events or family gatherings, this may be what the elder is expecting from you. Prove yourself by being on time to all doctor appointments or to the elder’s house. If you promise to be somewhere or pick the elder up for an appointment, it is important that you stick with it.
  • Apologize. Just because you have taken on the role as primary caregiver does not mean the elder fully forgives you yet. Make some time to have an honest discussion with your loved one and apologize to them for your bad behavior and attitude in the past. No matter how long ago it was, they will appreciate the gesture.
  • Have honorable reasons for caregiving. Are you caregiving just to get forgiven by your parent? Then you are doing it for all of the wrong reasons. You should want to care for your loved one because they need it and it is the right thing to do, not because you will get on their good side. By wanting to be the caregiver because the elder needs you, they will be able to tell just how sincere you are in your apology.


Forgiveness is not something that can always be easily given. It has to be earned, and these three tips will help you do just that. However, if you do not have the time to care for your loved one, an elderly care provider can take over this role. Even though someone else will be completing all of the caregiving tasks, you can still make frequent visits to the senior’s home, where you both can reminisce over the good memories you have shared.


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