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Why work for Philia?

The Caregivers’ life can be difficult at times. Much energy is spent on caring for other family’s loved ones during odd shifts while missing their own loved ones. Yet, they gain powerful satisfaction from knowing that their care makes a difference, that as they care, they offer a connection, a friendship that gives back to them and makes them feel good about their place in the world. They are needed and the care they provide really makes a difference in the world.

Philia understands how hard that the Caregivers personal lives may be. Therefore, we do our best to care for them by offering a community of other caregivers, paid time off, health insurance and other benefits.

In short, once you become a Philia employee, you join our caregiver community. We care about you as much as we do our family and our clients. While you are taking care of the clients, Philia is taking care of you.

Philia Caregiver Benefits:

  • Paid Time Off
  • Premium Holiday Pay
  • Continual professional development training
  • Driver safety training
  • A fun place to work where you are respected and your caregiving is highly valued!

Philia is an equal opportunity employer.