Home Care in Washington DC

Understanding Home Care Options

Home Care in Washington, D.C.

Home Care in Washington DCDorothy was right. Home is, for many, a place of comfort and healing, a place of memories and traditions, and a place that sees folks through the best, and the most challenging, of times.

As people age, and change, there are some things that become apparent when they are no longer able to care for themselves. For those who choose to remain in their homes and receive home care, there are a wide variety of options available depending on their needs.

There are essentially two major groups of home care providers. The first are non-medical professionals whose focus is on providing primarily personal and custodial care. The second group includes medical or skilled nursing providers who attend to primarily the medical needs of their patients.

For a deeper understanding, one must consider the example of the aging parent who perhaps has realized they should no longer be driving but who is mentally alert, physically healthy, and yet is starting to need some additional support. Perhaps a companion who can remind them to take medications, a driver that can get them to doctors and other appointments, or simply someone to help manage the household with and for them is all that they need. For this individual, no specific medical or rehabilitative services are required. All they need is truly an extra set of helping hands that can lift, climb, carry, and support them in their independent living.

Compare this example to that of the senior requiring medical or rehabilitative treatment. Perhaps they have fallen and become injured and require dedicated supervision, perhaps they have suffered a stroke and lost the use of some of their physical or mental faculties, or perhaps they are in the earlier phases of some debilitating diseases. Another example might be for the patient who wishes to undergo in-home rehabilitation after an accident. In order for them to be able to remain at home, they require the constant watchful eye of highly trained medical professionals and are monitored by physicians, therapists, and other specialists. Here, the patient needs are significantly more medically focused and similarly the care provided is of an entirely different nature.

So, if the senior has made the decision that they wish to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, but are beginning to need additional support and assistance, the first step is identifying what type of needs they have and the appropriate type of home care personnel to find.

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