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Senior Care in Potomac MD

Research has shown that adults aged 65 and over spend 3 times more hours watching television than do younger adults.  While this statisticSenior-Care-Potomac-MD may seem surprising, seniors who are retired and no longer have a job to do each day and those who have no children at home may find that they have much more time in the day to spend watching T.V.  Watching T.V. is not a harmful activity and it can provide seniors with entertainment, educational information, as well as knowledge of news and current events.  However, is it possible for seniors to watch too much T.V.?


Consequences of Watching Too Much T.V.

Adults over the age of 65 spend about 25% of their waking hours watching T.V.  Watching T.V. is a passive and sedentary activity and excessive T.V. viewing can lead to an increased risk for dementia, loneliness, obesity and/or type 2 diabetes, and poor cardiovascular and bone health.  Watching T.V. itself is not necessarily what leads to these health conditions, but the fact is that people who watch an excessive amount of T.V. spend less time doing the things that could help them improve their health.  Despite the fact that watching T.V. may not always make seniors feel good, it is often hard for seniors to stop or limit their T.V. time.  This is because it is easy for seniors to believe that they have nothing else to do and nothing else to contribute, a way of thinking that can also cause lower self-esteem and a lower sense of self-worth.  However, that belief couldn’t be any further than the truth!


Alternatives to Watching T.V.

For seniors who feel that they are “trapped” or that they are unable to do other things besides watching T.V. shows, the truth is that there are many activities that all seniors can enjoy that are healthier alternatives to watching T.V.  Here are just a few suggestions:

•   Exercising is recommended for all seniors who are physically able.  Exercise boosts the mood and keeps the body healthy as it can help seniors manage chronic medical conditions.

•   Reading provides entertainment just as T.V. does, but it is more mentally stimulating.  While reading, seniors must visualize, think about the words, and follow the plot more closely – a workout for the brain!

•   Volunteering is a great way for seniors to get involved in helping their community.  Through volunteering, seniors will be able to see that they still have much to contribute to society.


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