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Family Cares


Another way that Philia is a step ahead from the crowd is that we provide a Family Cares Portal.

The Family Cares Portal is based on the idea that Health Care for our loved ones consists of two support groups:  Medical professionals provide the health management; and Home Care is provided by those who love and care for those in need.  The Family Cares portal provides transparency and remote access for families and care professionals to ensure the best quality of care is always provided.

Communicate – Family Message Center: Communicate with family, your care provider, and external care provider.
Access – Family access is available at all times for the families.
Transparency – Shift schedules, timecards, and shift tasks are reported real time to the care provider and the families.
Report – Download care-plans and shift history for care providers or long-term care insurance needs.

How to Gain Access
Philia gives our clients and their families the access information needed to join the family portal and gain real-time access to shift-logs, care-plans, care alerts, and family messaging.

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