Pinewood Grand Prix Derby in Adams Morgan, DC

For kids of ALL AGES.

Competitive Car Racing Comes to Adams Morgan…finally!

The Adams Morgan Pinewood Grand Prix. Kalorama Park. Saturday, April 29th.

With speeds up to 8 mph, the first annual Adams Morgan Pinewood Grand Prix offers race fans plenty to get excited about when it rolls into town this month. Custom-built cars, crafted from little more than a block of wood and a dream, will forego traditional combustion engines in favor of gravity…an affordable form of clean power that reportedly creates zero emissions and is available everywhere.

Open to all ages, (though adults who win should probably give their trophies to a nearby child if it looks like they’re taking the loss hard), Adams Morgan Pinewood Grand Prix is also open to all genders — without the demeaning “powder puff” designation that female racers have been subjected to on other circuits. “Adams Morgan embraces equality. We see no reason why girls and boys — and men and women — can’t compete side by side,” said Kristen Barden, veteran race organizer and Executive Director of the Adams Morgan Partnership BID. “I’m not violating any ethics rules by competing in my own event, am I?” she wondered while carefully weighing one of her many prototypes.

For those who dodged being drafted into the scouts at a young age by fleeing to Canada or enrolling in a PhD program, the Pinewood Derby involves an elevated track several lanes wide, where cars, often built by competitor’s parents, are timed over the course of several heats to determine which is the fastest. The general idea is to create a bonding experience between parent and child, instill a sense of pride in craftsmanship, celebrate ingenuity and encourage a bloodthirsty lust for winning at any cost.

The Adams Morgan Grand Prix will have several non-traditional race categories, including one specifically for businesses in the community to compete against each other in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Car kits are available at Adams Morgan Ace Hardware, Urban Dwell and The Brass Knob. Competitors are asked to arrive at Kalorama Park (1840 Columbia Road, NW) at 10 am.

Races begin at noon. This is not a NASCAR sanctioned event: no alcohol please and dogs must be on leashes. Registration information and complete rules are available at:

Participation is free, but a $5 suggested donation will go directly to Mary’s Center: