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Nanny Care Packages

Philia’s highly personalized service means that our nannies are thoroughly vetted before we send them to you. We have interviewed them and checked their references. We meet with you to fully understand your family value system so that we only send nannies to you that meet your criteria (not just available nannies). Most families hire the nanny within that first batch of interviews which happens directly after the Family Placement Meeting.


1. We refer nannies to you.baby_autumn

After our Family Placement meeting, Philia will find qualified nannies that meet your family’s needs.  You then interview and choose the nanny and the nanny will work for you:  the scope of her work and pay structure is defined and negotiated by you with the nanny directly.  You manage and pay the nanny.  

We will continue to support you afterwards! We can help you with the nanny contract and establishing the payroll and tax payment system.  As an added value, you are automatically enrolled in our babysitting club for as long as you employ a Philia nanny for back up should your nanny need time off or you want a date night babysitter.

  • Permanent – 10% of annual salary ($1800 min/ $5000 max)
  • Temporary – $425/ working month ($850 minimum)
  • One time registration fee of $240/ service

*Our permanent nannies are guaranteed with free replacements 6 months!


2. Philia Nanny Service.

We hire the nannies in service to you. Meaning the nannies remain Philia employees while they care for your children. The benefit to you is simplicity and ease of mind. We are responsible for paying payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, liability insurance (they are bonded), workers compensation (required by the state of MD and DC and highly recommended otherwise), and we perform the very extensive background checks (considered the most rigorous in the industry). If you are not happy for any reason or if your nanny is off for any reason, we can provide a substitute or replacement for no additional cost.

  • Nanny – $28.00/ hour
  • One time registration fee of $240/ service


3. Babysitting club

Whether it is date night or late night work functions, enjoy access to Philia’s highly regarded nannies for your occasional babysitting needs.

  • Membership fee is only $35/ month and $25 for each shift. (3 month minimum) Join today!
  • Non-members can have access to our nannies with a $60/ shift fee.