Philia has loving and experienced Nannies available to help you.

  • Philia is Washington DC’s premier Nanny and Home Care Agency. Philia employs nannies who are truly invested in the personal growth of your child. We screen our Nannies for a true passion of caregiving. Our Nannies design activities that are age appropriate to foster learning and teach socialization skills and they love excursions to playgrounds, the zoo and other child friendly venues. Your children and the Nanny will have FUN together and she will treat your children as if they were her own. Philia provides on-going training for the Nannies, so they have a good understanding of child development milestones and how to help your child reach them.Philia’s nurturing Nannies have excellent references and undergo rigorous background checks. All our Nannies have cars and are adept at child-related household chores.Give us a call and we can help you start interviewing already qualified Nannies immediately!

    Philia Child Care – What does it mean?

    nanny_child_blocksPhilia isn’t just another nanny staffing agency. We are your partners in child care. Before matching you with a caregiver, we work with you to fully understand your needs so that when we send someone to you, you can be confident that the person is a trusted caregiver who matches your nanny needs. Most of our clients stop interviewing nannies after their second interview, because they found the perfect person.

    Philia Standards

    Our standards are so high, we approve for hire only 10% of the people we interview. We spend 3 to 4 hours with them in interviews and personally verify their references – they must have excellent references. We look for people whose passion is caring for children, have good communication skills, and at least 3 years of experience in childcare, 5 years for infant care (or educational equivalent).

    Philia Nanny vs. a Babysitter

    A good babysitter will keep your child safe and, hopefully, have fun with your child. A Philia Nanny does that and much more. A Philia Nanny is invested in the development and emotional wellbeing of your child. She will know about childhood development milestones and be equipped to help your child reach them. She will connect with your child to build a safe emotional bond and be sensitive to your child’s needs to tailor the day with engaging activities around his interests and needs. The activities she plans will stimulate your child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth while building self-esteem and social skills.

We have exceedingly high standards for our Nannies at Philia.  They must have 3 to 5 years of child care experience or some combination of equivalent education and experience, 3 glowing references, be proficient in English, and pass our 3 to 4 hours in personal interviews.  We approve for hire less than 10% of the nannies interviewed.



We personally verify their three references, and they must be excellent! We don’t just ask if the person worked there, but we ask many questions to get an idea of the person as a caregiver to make certain that she is reliable, responsible and a highly qualified nanny.

Created by child with Philia nanny.

Created by child with Philia nanny.



Created by child with Philia nanny.

Philia’s background checks are the most rigorous in the industry. They go back 7 years and check the national registries plus the criminal registries of every state and county the person has lived in during that time frame. Many background checks will only include the national registries or at most the national and state registries. However, there can be a time delay in reporting crime from the county to the state and not all county crimes are reported to the state,  so it is important all levels of registries are checked.  The caregiver’s driving record are checked and the social security number is validated.