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Our Philia Nanny- Shelly

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?Caregiver-in-McLean-VA

Shelly loves spending time with her family and friends who Shelly is extremely close with. She loves taking her dog to the dog park. Her dog is more like her child ­čśë And she also enjoys going to church on Sundays. Shelly is very strong in her faith. Always has been. Shelly also enjoys writing poetry and her newest interest is in photography.


What do you enjoy doing with your clients?

Shelly loves doing arts and crafts. Anything from coloring to sand art or water colors. Shelly likes anything outdoors where we can explore at playgrounds or nature walks.


What do you enjoy about caregiving?

Shelly has been working with kids for almost 18 years since she was in high school. She loves what she does. She started working in the church nursery then got her first job at a summer camp as a camp counselor. She was also a preschool teacher for two year olds. She got her first job as a nanny 10 years ago and fell in love with the one on one aspect. Shelly loves being a role model and teaching children and watching them grow. It is very fulfilling and being with children is very refreshing!



Our Philia Senior Caregiver in Washington DC- BeatriceCaregiver-in-McLean-VA

I grew up in a humble background in a Kenyan village. The circumstances under which we grew up taught us to appreciate, love and care for people whenever we had an opportunity to do so. Our parents always instilled in us the attitude of flexibility in all walks of life, they often said we needed it to survive anywhere. For that case I grew up loving people, being very flexible and always learned to be empathetic, imagining myself in their stead.
After my dad passed away I decided to be available and care for my ailing mother for a long time. I enjoyed taking care of her as a form of give back to the big sacrifice she made in our lives. My care for her potentially made a difference in her life, as I pitched in to do whatever was needful. This made me develop a desire to help others in this way. I like being physical in my job using my body as well as my brain. I feel that when I will be older I would want someone like myself there to help me, hence my motivating factor in treating people seniors and kids with uttermost care and abundant love.



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