Home Care Tips: Setting Exercise Goals to Get Your Loved Ones More Active

Home Care in Great Falls VA

When you want to accomplish something, setting goals is one of the easiest and most effective ways of making sure that you get to where Home-Care-Great-Falls-MDyou want to be. It may seem like just having an idea of what you want to achieve is enough of a goal, but the reality is that these basic concepts are usually too broad, vague, or extensive to truly be an attainable goal. Instead, it becomes an idea that can be daunting and discouraging, limiting your chances of actually accomplishing what you want to. If your home care journey for this year includes the intention to get your parents more active and engaged in more regular, beneficial exercise, setting goals can help you to work toward ever-increasing levels of activity, achievement, and fitness.

Setting goals to get your loved ones more active is all about working gradually but determinedly toward measurable and recognizable achievements that show how you and your seniors are progressing in your exercise efforts.


Use these tips to help you set up and pursue exercise goals with your aging parents so that they are more active, engaged, and healthy in the New Year:

• Choose your exercise. Before you set your goals, take the time to select the types of exercise that you want to do with your aging loved ones. Knowing what types of exercise you will be doing is what will enable you to make accurate and measurable goals. You can choose just one type of exercise, such as walking, or select several different types and create sets of goals for each one so that you can measure different areas of fitness as you progress through the year.

• Be exact. “Walk more” or “do more tricep curls” are not really goals, they are concepts. To make a pursuable goal it needs to be exact. “Walk one mile at a time” or “do three sets of 10 tricep curls” are measurable, obtainable goals.

• Break it down. Having smaller goals allows you to see the light at the end of the tunnel, making it easier to see yourself being successful in accomplishing the goals that you set forward for yourself. This helps to keep you and your loved ones from getting discouraged and wanting to give up. Start with a big, primary goal for your exercise, and then go back and break it down into smaller goals, such as taking your goal to walk one mile and break it into tenths-of-a-mile goals. You can also work backwards, creating smaller goals first and letting them naturally lead to a bigger goal, such as aspiring to have your parents walk to the end of the sidewalk, then the end of the block, then the end of the street, and so on until you have come to a distance you think is a good overall goal.

• Keep records. Motivate yourself and your aging loved ones to keep going by creating a chart that records your progress. Just seeing how far you have come will help you to see what you have accomplished and make you feel more confident that you can keep going.


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