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Elderly Care in Bethesda MD

For elderly adults living at home alone, pets can provide great companionship.  Owning a dog can help seniors stay more active, happier, andELDERLY-CARE-BETHESDA-MD
have a better quality of life.  Dogs provide friendship, love, and affection, and they can help elderly adults fight feelings of loneliness and isolation.  However, adopting a dog can be a big decision, especially for seniors.  They may feel more comfortable adopting a senior dog who has already been trained and has a little less energy than a puppy.  But, is breed a factor?  It can be!  Certain breeds, due to their temperament and personalities, can make better pets for seniors.  Read on for a list of great dog breeds for elderly adults.


Pugs can be great companions for seniors.  Their small size makes them easy to walk and carry around the house.  They also have a short coat which doesn’t require too much grooming.  Pugs are also the perfect size for cuddling up in their owner’s lap!


Poodles are a very popular breed for good reason.  They are very easy to train and they tend to stay clean.  If allergies are a concern, poodles do not shed much and it is easy to keep them well-groomed.


Like the pug, the maltese is a small breed that is the perfect size for cuddling.  The maltese has long hair, but shedding can be kept to a minimum if they get regular haircuts.

Boston Terriers

Boston terriers are very friendly and they can make great companions for elderly adults.  They are relatively small so they can be easily walked and will fit perfectly in a smaller home.  Boston terriers also do not require too much grooming.

King Charles Spaniels

King Charles Spaniels are cute, affectionate, and they make great lap dogs.  They thrive on spending time with their owners and are quite friendly.  They also have a history of being the pets of kings and queens!

Remember, every dog has a unique personality, no matter the breed.  If adopting a dog from a shelter, elderly adults should ask questions about the dogs past and temperament to make sure that they are adopting a pet that is perfect for them and their lifestyle.


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